• A New Generations Update

    17 October 2013

    October 17, 2013

    150 community members. 15 dinners. 6 cities.

    Last Friday, New Generations community members came together in homes across the country to participate in Food for Thought, a New Generations Shabbat dinner series. This dinner focused on the issues facing African refugees in Israel, and the various ways for the American Jewish community to plug in and get involved in making positive change. Here’s a reflection from one of the hosts:

    "The conversation on African Refugees in Israel was not an easy one to have, and in some ways, that was demonstrated at the dinner we hosted. But I was glad to have this intentional conversation because we were able to explore the philosophical and real-world challenges of this emerging Israeli and world-wide phenomenon. I was honored to take a leadership role for New Gen especially around an issue that I am so passionate about, and to engage others on this topic. I am so glad that NIF has taken a leading role in the American Jewish world on this issue, and is committed to making it part of the discourse. I want to be a constant part of that conversation." – Jordan Steiner, New York