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Daniel Sokatch

Daniel Sokatch is the Chief Executive Officer at the New Israel Fund. Read more about Daniel Sokatch...

Two stories in the Israeli papers caught my eye this morning. That’s saying a lot, given the news these days.

After seven weeks of negotiations Prime Minister Netanyahu announced yesterday that he had formed a government.  Israel’s new ruling coalition is razor thin -- 61 seats, the bare minimum.

Silence about positions and policies we would condemn here in the U.S. does not benefit Israel. We must adhere to the prophetic tradition and speak out — for our sake, and for Israel’s sake.  The Jewish tradition, and the future of Israel, requires nothing less.

Last night Alice Miller was asked to light the torch marking the start of Israel’s Independence Day. Her story is part of what’s right in Israel today, and it’s part of NIF’s heritage.

Together with our partners and allies in Israel and around the world we will do what we always do during difficult times:  we will consider the challenges that lie ahead, consult and strategize, and then roll up our sleeves and get to work.