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Spread the word! 2014-2015 Social Justice Fellowships

Last year, I had the immense privilege to spend a year in Israel as a NIF/Shatil Social Justice Fellow. Through this program, NIF places a cohort of young Jewish activists in Israeli non-governmental organizations for a year of in-depth contribution and learning. In these profound ten months, I received a first-class education on current social justice issues, gained access to innovative NGOs and their energetic staff, and helped create a better Israel.

Right now: I want your help to pass it forward, to make sure that other young American Jews like me are given the opportunity to grow as leaders while giving to Israeli society. NIF is now looking for next year’s cohort of fellows. Help me make sure that people know about it.

If you know anyone who cares about Israel, is passionate, committed and wants to make a difference, please forward them this email.

More information about the program, including the application, is available here.

I can’t begin to describe how great it felt to spend a year promoting economic justice in Israel. I worked for Ma'aglei Tzedek, an organization focused on worker's rights. Ma'aglei Tzedek created an Ethical Seal of Approval provided to restaurants that abide by worker's rights law in Israel. Inspired by Jewish values of Tzedek and Tikkun Olam, the organization empowers consumers to advocate for ethical working conditions in the restaurants they patron.

Having just finished my MBA in non-profit management followed by a two-year post at the Jewish Federation of Cleveland, I understood the value of both social service and social change non-profits. This fellowship let me deepen my understanding of the Israeli NGO sector and wrestle with its unique challenges.

This year solidified my commitment to social justice and provided me with the tools to return to my community prepared and eager to lead.

Now I want your help to find the right candidates to spend a year working for a better Israel. Please spread the word. Send good candidates to this link.


Aaren Alpert
NIF Social Justice Fellow 2012-2013

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Aaren Alpert

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