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Migrant from Ghana Rejoices Over Israeli Residency Status


An African migrant protests the planned deportation of foreign workers' children
(photo: Yossi Gurvitz)

Every Yom Kippur Jane Adusei fasts.  She is a devout Christian but has felt that her destiny is with the Jewish people since the day she first set foot in Israel 11 years ago.  Adusei, a migrant from Ghana, lives in Tel Aviv and enjoys the tranquil, contemplative atmosphere of the Day of Atonement, as the country shuts down for 25 hours and she spends the day in her humble apartment with her six year-old daughter Ella.

She said, “This Yom Kippur I have much to thank God for, and I will pray that the coming year will be even better.”

Adusei will also give thanks to veteran NIF grantee Hotline for Migrant Workers in Israel, which helped her to become accepted for Israeli residency status.  She said, “I would not have the feeling of security and stability that I have today without the Hotline.”

Last month the Israeli government, under pressure from the social change movement, decided to give Israeli residency to 800 children of foreign workers who were born in Israel.  Although Ella Adusei and her mother Jane were among those who will receive citizenship, the struggle goes on for 400 more Israeli-born children of foreign workers due to be expelled from Israel after the holidays.  NIF and its allies continue to protest the planned deportation, which has aroused considerable controversy in Israel.

Since she arrived in Israel, Adusei has cleaned houses in Tel Aviv.  Adusei is also a graduate of a Hotline leadership course enabling her to act as a volunteer social worker helping other African migrant families in Tel Aviv.  She said, "The Hotline has given me so much, now I have a chance to give something back and assist others less fortunate than myself."

Adusei added, “Ghana is my home and I still hope that Ella and I can return there one day.  The most important thing that the residency gives us is long-term security and the right to go home and visit my family in Ghana and know we can come back to Tel Aviv.”


$250 million to Israeli social change groups since 1979.