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SHATIL Continues to give Voice to Residents of the North Affected by War

Two hundred residents of the North attended SHATIL's third public hearing last week in Kiryat Shmona about the government's failures on the home front during last summer's war. Five people testified, including Avraham Rosner, a blind 82-year-old who began: "From the beginning of the war, I was home alone without hot food, without tea or coffee…" SHATIL collected another 60 written testimonies in a hearing presided over by former government minister Yossi Sarid. Citizens are phoning in additional testimonies daily to SHATIL's special hotline launched in December. The fourth and final public hearing will be held in Tzfat (Safed) this week and a public trial will summarize the effort. All information gathered will be sent to the State Comptroller.


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