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Nabila Espanioly Named among 50 Most Influential People in Israel's Education System

NIF Board Member Nabila Espanioly has been chosen by Tel Aviv newspaper Ha'Ir as one of the 50 most influential people in Israel's education system. The article describes her as "a feminist leader and central figure in women's peace, social and human rights organizations."

Nabila Espanioly: "If the State does not provide early childhood education in the Arab sector, then we Palestinian women will do it for them."

The article pays tribute to her role in founding the Al Tufula Pedagogical Center in Nazareth in 1988 to concentrate on early childhood care in the Arab sector and women's empowerment. Through Al Tufula, she helped develop early childhood education in Israel's Arab sector and train kindergarten professionals "based on international know-how and rooted in humanistic values." The article also cited her contribution to producing Arabic language learning materials for elementary schools. 


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