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Knesset Tackles Environmental Catastrophe in Beit Hakerem Valley

On January 12, 2010 the Knesset Committee for Health and the Environment held a discussion on the looming environmental catastrophe in the Beit Hakerem Valley in the Central Galilee.  The Committee, headed by Knesset Member Dov Khenin, demanded that the environmental ministry present an intra-governmental emergency plan to the committee within three months that would propose a comprehensive solution to the environmental troubles afflicting the region.  Present at the meeting were representatives of several government ministries as well as representatives of the affected local municipal councils.  The discussion came in the aftermath of intense lobbying by the SHATIL-guided Environmental Activist Coalition.

"The Bet HaKerem Valley, a great and beautiful region, has become filled with environmental hazards and has turned into a poisonous cocktail of air, water, and land pollution that greatly affects the citizens and environment," said MK Khenin. "The many problems in the region are also adversely affecting other regions.  Sewage, for example, is running into the sea in Akko and polluting the waters."

"The chair of the Committee on Health and the Environment has decided to put a stop to 15 years of foot dragging and has instructed various government agencies to act in an immediate manner to find and implement a comprehensive solution to these problems and to allocate the necessary budgets to do so," said Abed Namarne, chair of the Environmental Activist Coalition.  "We are waiting expectantly to see this become reality."



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