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Life with Dignity Prevents their 66th Eviction

Last week, Life with Dignity, an organization dedicated to housing rights located in the SHATIL Be'er Sheva office that receives intensive consulting from SHATIL, prevented the eviction of an ailing immigrant couple from Tajikistan. Both husband and wife are disabled and a stroke has left him unable to walk, speak or care for himself. When medical problems made it impossible for the middle-aged couple to keep up with their mortgage payments, they asked the bank to reduce their payments. The bank refused and when the debt grew, the bank's lawyer initiated eviction proceedings. The couple turned to Life with Dignity, which has a 100% success rate in preventing evictions.

Another successful eviction prevention on the part of Life with Dignity. On the right is the organization's founder and director, Haim Bar Yaakov.

On the day the eviction was to take place, Life with Dignity activists used nonviolent tactics to prevent the eviction. SHATIL succeeded in interesting two Russian-language television stations in the affair and after the media exposure, the bank's attorney decided to halt the eviction, saying the bank would reach an arrangement with the couple. 


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