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Court Rules That Bedouin Village Must Be Connected to Sewage Infrastructure

The Be'er Sheva District Court has ruled that the recognized Bedouin village of Keseifa near Arad must be connected to a sewage infrastructure. The ruling was handed down following an administrative petition by Israel Union for Environmental Defense (IUED), which is supported by NIF through the Green Environment Fund (GEF).

Israeli children play by a stream polluted by sewage.

The precedent setting ruling is of great significance following IUED's annual environmental poverty report, which found that 150 Israeli towns and villages do not have adequate sewage infrastructure, resulting in millions of cubic meters of raw sewage flowing across village streets and countryside.

The court accepted the IUED petition, which insisted "the 8,000 residents of Keseifa are entitled to the same sanitation services that all Israelis receive from local authorities."

IUED's Green Alert director Keren Halperin-Musari said, "This is a classic environmental justice case where the failings of local authorities are inflicting health risks on the local population and degrading the Negev environment."


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