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NIF Launches Campaign Urging Israelis "We Will Not Remain Silent"

NIF launched its new "We Will Not Remain Silent" campaign in Israel last week.  In the wake attacks on Israeli democracy, which demonize NIF and Israel's human rights movement, the campaign is encouraging Israel's democratic camp to raise its voice.

The campaign’s site www.lonistom.co.il (at present in Hebrew only) and Facebook page have already attracted significant interest.  Earlier this month, nearly 40 leading Israeli bloggers came to a meeting to discuss the most effective ways of creating a vibrant democratic camp.  The bloggers have already posted articles urging Israelis to become more involved in the struggle to protect democracy.

After the meeting it was discovered that the new site had been attacked by hackers and taken offline, symbolizing how opponents want to silence NIF and Israel's democratic camp.  The site was soon operating again.


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