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Say YES to an Inclusive and Caring Israel

Say YES to an Inclusive and Caring Israel

For many children of foreign workers, Israel is the only home they have ever known.  They are fluent in Hebrew, attend Israeli schools, celebrate Israeli holidays and identify as being Israeli. But Israel has no real immigration policy for non-Jews.  Even if one has resided in Israel for many years, naturalization is extremely difficult.

Beginning in 2009, the Israeli government announced plans to begin deporting the undocumented children of migrant workers and their families.  Thanks to intensive advocacy efforts by the NIF family, the deportation orders have successfully been delayed and last summer, a limited amount of children were given legal status. 

However, as many as 400 children are currently facing deportation orders.  Please give these children a fighting chance to stay while the larger issues are resolved. Make your voice heard. Contact the Interior Minister today, and tell him to allow these children to stay. And continue to support the New Israel Fund as we work for a sane and fair immigration policy, and for an Israel that values everyone who is dedicated to its well-being and its future.


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Help NIF work for a more inclusive democracy for all Israel’s citizens.

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