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Social Justice Fund 2012 Grants

2012 Grants

Promoting Human Rights

Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI)
Support for ACRI’s Changing Course initiative, utilizing online/offline campaigning tools to inform and mobilize target groups in Israel on human rights issues. Support for the organization's Social and Economic Rights Project.

Agenda - the Israeli Center for Strategic Communications
Support for the consulting, training, and media outreach programs of this center, seeking to develop the media capacity of social change organizations and sensitizing the professional media environment to social justice issues.

Association for Distributive Justice
Support for the organization's Land Watch Project, focused on just allocation of Israeli land resources including water, quarries, housing rights, and access to seashores.

Support for monitoring human rights and documenting violations, advocating for change, and generating commitment to human rights among the Israeli public.

HaMoked – Center for Defense of the Individual
Support to the Legal Aid Project, offering free legal and administrative services to Palestinians facing consequences of human rights violations resulting from Israeli policies in the Occupied Territories.

Hebrew University -- Minerva Center for Human Rights
Support for research & educational activities promoting human rights praxis.

Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Support to Academy-Community Partnership for Social Change, seeking to promote the mutual commitment of institutions of higher education, students, and the community towards the advancement of social justice and human rights in Israeli society.

Hebrew University
Support for the Community Planning Network's research, academic, and policy development activities advancing socially just policies and practices in housing and urban planning.

Institute for International Education
Support to facilitate international travel, meetings, and other learning opportunities for grantees and affiliated organizations.

Promises Films
Support for community education and engagement activities in Israel focused on the 4 decade long Israeli military legal system in the Occupied Territories.

Rockridge Leadership Institute
Support for the Art of Leadership for Social Change Leaders seminars, a set of intensive retreat workshops for Arab and Jewish civil society leaders working across sectoral and social change strategies.

Support to assist grantees to develop organizational capacities promoting greater financial sustainability.

Van Leer Jerusalem Institute
Support for the Economics and Society Program, working to identify the widening social and economic gaps in Israeli society and propose practical ways to reduce them.


Equality for Palestinian-Israeli Citizens

Adalah – The Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel

Support for legal and educational work to advance individual and collective rights for the Arab minority in Israel.

Agenda – Israeli Center for Strategic Communications
Support to Shutafut-Sharakah, a forum of leading civil society organizations committed to the advancement of democratic values and the promotion of an equal and shared society for Jews and Palestinians in Israel.

Arab Center for Alternative Planning
Support for the GIS Database Initiative.

Injaz – the Center for Professional Arab Local Governance
Support for the strengthening of the organization's strategic planning and resource development activities.

Support to the Hirakuna Initiative to further the development of voluntarism for Israel's Palestinian minority youth.

Support for activities to advance civic equality between Arab and Jewish citizens of Israel in governmental budgets, resource allocation, employment, and other key arenas of civic life.


Advancing Peace

Economic Cooperation Foundation

Support for the further development of a comprehensive database designed to inform Israeli policy makers and the public about a range of territorial issues relating to Israeli-Palestinian relations.

Ir Amim
Support for activities promoting equitable policies shaping current and future Israeli-Palestinian relations in Jerusalem.

Support to advance the financial sustainability of +972, a new blog-based web magazine offering a progressive view of domestic issues and Israel’s foreign relations.


$250 million to Israeli social change groups since 1979.