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We have more than 30 years of grassroots experience on behalf of Israel's most vulnerable and we are committed to bringing our expertise to bear to alleviate the consequences of this violence.

We have had to shift our staff resources, closing our Beer Sheva office (even as the staff based there continue their work), and opening up a Situation Room to monitor reports coming in from our staff and partner organizations, so that we can respond quickly to emerging needs.

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We stand ready to provide assistance as needed. And we have we've approved nearly $50,000 in emergency grants since November 14th to help ensure that the Israelis living under the greatest threat of attack are cared for. Activities include: arranging hospitality for those wanting to leave the South, providing information in Russian and Amharic to immigrant populations living near Gaza about how to stay safe, ensuring that African refugees living in south Tel Aviv know what to do when a siren sounds, and continuing (and even expanding) food distributions to poor Bedouin families.

Click here for a list of our emergency grants -- nearly $50,000 since November 14th.

Our Situation Room and Emergency Grants are only part of the work we're doing in this crisis.

NIF stands for democracy and equality in Israel. We've partnered with ACRI (the Association for Civil Rights in Israel) to stand ready to protect the freedoms of expression, assembly, and dissent. In every society, there is a risk that civil liberties will be infringed upon during times of war, and efforts to attack and malign the human rights community have already begun. We are committed to defending the rights of all Israelis to express their opinions and to enable human rights monitors to do their jobs, even in these trying times.

NIF is a leader of Israeli civil society. Accordingly, we are acting as a liaison between our partner groups and the Civil Society desk established in the National Emergency Authority.

NIF is looking ahead to the day – hopefully soon -- when this violence will end. We are mapping the challenges that poor and minority communities in Israel's south and coastal cities will face as they return to a more normal routine. And we are preparing to advocate for their needs.



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