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Alfred Tauber

NIF Board Member
Concord, NH

Fred Tauber retired from Boston University in 2011, where he held professorships in philosophy and medicine. His academic interests, principally philosophy of science and ethics, may be reviewed at http://people.bu.edu/ait

Living in Israel from January-June each year, he teaches as a Visiting Professor at the Cohn Institute,Tel Aviv University. His interests inbiomedical researchinclude sponsored investigative and educational programs at Haifa and Tel Aviv Universities. The Israeli branch of the Tauber Family Foundation focuses upon rehabilitation and advocacy for the mentally ill, in addition to various research and educational initiatives related to the care of this targeted population. The Foundation also supports programs directed at Jewish religious pluralism and social justice. During the second half of the year, he focuses on his scholarly writing and drives a tractor on his New Hampshire farm.


$250 million to Israeli social change groups since 1979.