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Message from Daniel Sokatch

Last week, we at New Israel Fund thought long and hard about the now-infamous flotilla action. And we sent you a letter spelling out some of those thoughts.

The reaction was instantaneous and passionate. So passionate, in fact, that we wrote an oped about it and about the larger reactions of the American Jewish community to this difficult and controversial incident.

Whether you agreed with us or not, wrote to us or not, I want to tell you how much I sincerely appreciate your thoughts on the complex issues we wrestle with here at NIF, in the American Jewish community and in Israel.  I came to NIF determined to expand the influence of this organization, which to my mind represents the aspirations enshrined in Israel's Declaration of Independence, as well as the hopes and dreams of so many of us who love Israel so much.  Our work in building and supporting civil society is unique, and it imposes a special set of obligations on us.  Among those obligations is the need to talk and to listen, engage in civil discourse and ensure that everyone's voices, not just those of the power elite in Israel and in the American Jewish community, are heard.

So let us know what you think.  Comment on our blog. Write to us at , we read everything you send.  Forward NIF News to your friends and family and debate these issues with them, as well.

Israel is in for hard times in the coming months and years.  We all recognize frightening trends in Israel that threaten its future as a country that, as its founders' envisioned, is dedicated to being both Jewish and democratic.  But that is a vision worth fighting for.  Stay with us, and we'll stay with you.  And, as always, thank you for your support.


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Daniel Sokatch

Daniel Sokatch

Daniel Sokatch is the Chief Executive Officer at the New Israel Fund. Read more about Daniel Sokatch...

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