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Dear Prime Minister Netanyahu,

I am writing to express my deep concern regarding the amendment to the Citizenship Act, which will demand that new citizens pledge loyalty to a “Jewish, democratic state”.  I urge you to immediately withdraw your support from this anti-democratic legislation.  As your own Minister of Minority Affairs Avishai Braverman noted, This is an infuriating, irresponsible decision which will only fuel the fires of de-legitimization against Israel worldwide."

NO democracy requires a loyalty oath based on religious identity.  NO multicultural society can survive by insisting that ethnic minorities pledge fealty, not to the state in which they live, but to the majority culture.

As a staunch supporter of Israel, I cannot sit idly by while Israel’s proud democratic traditions are eroded.  I hope I can count on you to prove your commitment to equality and pluralistic democracy by immediately withdrawing your support from this radical change to Israel’s citizenship requirements.



[Your Name]


$250 million to Israeli social change groups since 1979.