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16 December 2010 E-Newsletter


Message from Daniel Sokatch

Several years ago I witnessed a debate between two clergy members about the role of social justice in Christianity. The first speaker, a conservative evangelical pastor, argued that the bible backed his positions against gay marriage, for the death penalty and in support of the war in Iraq. The second speaker, a longtime anti-gang activist and advocate for the poor, listened to his colleague and said simply, "That's not my Jesus."

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Rally Celebrates Human Rights in Israel

Thousands of people attended the second annual International Human Rights Day march in Tel Aviv on Friday, organized by flagship NIF grantee the Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI). The event was an enormous success and dwarfed a demonstration by less than 100 right-wing counter-protesters.

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WikiRights: A SHATIL Fellow Helps Israelis Realize their Rights

A remarkable initiative is underway thanks to Erez Perlumutter, a fellow from the first cycle of SHATIL’s Economic and Social Policy Shapers Program. Motivated by the course content and his placement at the Community Advocacy organization, this “high techie” and his colleague Amitay Korn decided to apply their new-found interest in civil rights to their high tech professional background. The initiative outlines and explains to Israelis the rights to which they are entitled but all-too-often fail to realize despite pressing needs. After a test run, Kol Zchut, or All Rights, was launched last week. The site www.kolzchut.org.il (in Hebrew) also instructs users on how to realize their rights in a straightforward and accessible manner.

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