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Seder near Sderot Provides Unique Feminist Approach to Passover

SederMore than 60 women came to Kibbutz Beeri near Sderot several days before Passover to participate in a unique feminist Seder. The women, including Orthodox, secular, Reform and Conservative Jews, came from all parts of the country to show solidarity with Israelis in the Negev who are under fire from Gaza.

The Seder was organized by NIF grantee Yaacov Herzog Center for Jewish Studies through its Itut Bet Midrash in Sderot. The feminist Haggadah, which was used, was compiled by NIF grantee the Midrasha at Oranim.

Hagit Bartov, Director of the Women's Department at Yaacov Herzog Center who organized the Seder said, "The Seder was not instead of the traditional Seder but complements it. The passages recited recall the role of women in Jewish tradition such as Miriam who nurtured her brother Moses."

She added, "Many of the women wrote about their lives and problems. The theme was the transition from slavery to freedom and social justice. And of course we prayed for the release of Gilad Shalit and an end to the missile fire on the region. We all found the Seder very moving and intimate and plan on making this an annual event."


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