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High Court Prohibits Israeli Government from Expelling Foreign Workers for Becoming Mothers

Just in time for Passover, Israel's High Court of Justice cancelled an Israeli government order requiring foreign workers to leave the country with their babies within three months of giving birth. According to the overturned order, the female workers would have been allowed to retain their work visas only if they returned to their home countries, abandoned their infants, and then returned to Israel.

The ruling followed a petition by NIF grantees Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI), Kav Laoved Workers Hotline, Hotline for Migrant Workers in Israel and Physicians for Human Rights.

Judge Ayala Procaccia said, “Forcing a woman to choose between work – a decision based on legitimate economic expectations – and her right to be a mother, is not consistent with the legislative and legal morals of Israeli society.”


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