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An Event Honoring Alice Shalvi - Event Co-Chairs

A note from Event Co-Chairs Barbara Dobkin, Eleanor Friedman, and Sally Gottesman

Alice Shalvi has had a profound impact on each of us. She has been a friend and a mentor, a teacher and a prophet. On Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011 in New York City, we will have the opportunity to celebrate Alice Shalvi and her immense contribution to Israel and the New Israel Fund.

Please join us in honoring Alice by becoming a host —a leading Acolyte of Alice—for this event. Little is required of your time; much is requested of your support and excitement.

Amazingly, Alice has agreed to travel to New York to be at this event and to share with us her wisdom, her experience, and her 85th birthday. This won’t be an easy journey for her; it will be one full of promise for all of us. Alice is a true pioneer–draining the swamps of intolerance, forging a feminist movement, and building the Israel we all know is possible. She also has inspired several generations of women and men and worked to advance equality, pluralism and democracy in Israel. Her transformative words and deeds are truly immeasurable.

In keeping with Alice’s spirit, we would like to enable members of the next generation to attend. We will be asking everyone to make a complementary contribution to allow a young person to attend.

Thank you in advance, as this will be a most memorable and extraordinary experience for Alice and everyone. And, can’t we all use an upbeat, promising and historical event during this time?

With thrills, chills and high expectations,



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