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Adalah: Legal Center for Arab
Minority Rights in Israel

Litigation and advocacy efforts by and for Arab citizens of Israel to ensure the rights of this community.


Afaq–Almothalat – Association for
Research and Development

Advocacy efforts and consciousness-raising activities on the issues of education and environmental justice aimed at improving the conditions in the Arab town of Taibe.


Al-Anwar Association for Advancing
the Women in Um Al Fahm

Works to increase women’s active participation in all spheres of life in the city of Um Al Fahm through consciousness-raising and individual and economic empowerment.


Aljana - Center for Cultural and
Social Development

Empowerment and consciousness-raising activities for women and youth in the Arab village of Nahef.


Al-Muntada Al-Takadumi

Works to democratize and equalize the election process in Arab localities through working to reduce clan power and influence.


Alrabbata: League for the Arabs of Jaffa

Advocacy efforts to improve housing in Jaffa for Arab citizens of Israel.


Alternative Voice in the Galilee

Supports Jewish-Arab efforts aimed at equalizing the rights of Arab residents in the Galilee to those of their Jewish counterparts, and at promoting mixed housing.


Al-Yater Association for Promoting
Culture and Social Development

Educational activities and advocacy efforts to promote the rights of the Arab population of Akko.


Arab Center for Alternative Planning

Advocacy efforts for equal allocation of land resources to the Arab population in Israel, and for representation of Arabs in planning institutions.


Arous Elbahr for the Woman in Jaffa

Empowers Arab women in Jaffa  economically, culturally, individually and in the community by means of consciousness-raising, public campaigns, community and economic empowerment activities and services.


Assiwat (through Kayan)

Provides a safe and anonymous space for  gay Palestinian women; pursues recognition for their sexual and gender identity and promotes their rights through personal empowerment, raising awareness and public education.


Association For the Promotion of the
Arab Education System in Haifa

Develops a parent advocacy model to enhance the Arab public education system in Haifa, for replication in other mixed cities; advances special needs programs and is establishing the first public Arts School for the Arab sector.


Association of Bedouin Women to
Promote Education

Promotes education among young Bedouin women in the Negev through activities to enlist community support, high school and university enrichment programs and financial aid.


Association of Women, Rahat

Advances the status of women in the Bedouin village of Rahat, with particular attention to raising awareness of domestic violence through an annual course that teaches ways of dealing with violencein everyday life.


Association to Promote the Wadi
El Naim Village

Supports the improvement and development of the educational and health services in the Wadi El Naim village.


Awareness for You

Empowerment activities for women that will enable them to integrate into positions of influence in the Triangle region.


Ayam – Recognition and Dialogue

Advances co-existence and initiates public discourse through exposure and documentation of the history and memory of disadvantaged populations in the Jewish-Arab city of Jaffa.


El-Hawashle for Education and Welfare

Educational activities for Bedouin children through the establishment of kindergarten and health programs for Bedouin women in the Negev region.


Follow-Up Committee for Arab Education

The main body representing the Arab public vis-à-vis the education system, advancing equitable allocation of educational resources to Arab schools and greater autonomy in education for the Arab sector.


I’lam: Media Center for Arab
Palestinians in Israel

Advocacy efforts to ensure Arab citizens’ participation in and utilization of the mass media as a tool to promote social equality.



Advocates for policies to make Jerusalem a more viable and equitable city, while generating and promoting a more politically sustainable future.  


Kefa For Social Change In The Negev

Brings Rahat (and Bedouin society in general) services on an equal footing by advocacy vis-à-vis the municipality and government agencies, and a philanthropic branch that helps residents with food and clothing.


Lagiya: Association for the Improvement
of the Status of Women

Educational and training programs that promote the status of Bedouin women in Lagiya and surrounding villages.


Ma’an - The Forum for Bedouin
Women’s Organizations

Programs in the Negev advancing Bedouin women’s leadership and status, and develops cooperation among local organizations of Bedouin women. 



Policy analysis and advocacy efforts to ensure equality in government budgets and policies for Arab citizens of Israel, and Jewish-Arab activities to combat racism among the Israeli public. 


Negev Coexistence Forum

Cultural, educational and social activities that promote cooperation between  Jews and Bedouin in the Negev, with special emphasis on the problems of unrecognized Bedouin villages.  


Qadaya al Shabiba (Association to
Support Arab Minors)

Consciousness-raising and advocacy activities aimed at equalizing the rights of Arab youth to those of Jewish youth.


Regional Council for Unrecognized
Negev Arab Villages: Al-Auna

Planning, advocacy and community organizing promoting an equitable solution to land issues in the Negev.


Talea’ Al-Mostkabal

Advances the status of Arab women and disadvantaged youth in the city of Lod by empowering parent committees and provide tutoring services to students.


The Arab Center for Law and Policy

Develops viable alternatives to existing exclusionary law and policy while taking into consideration the community's distinct identity and culture.


Women Against Violence - Nazareth

Supports the first battered women's shelter and hotline run by and for Arab women as well as public education and advocacy campaigns opposing violence against women.


Women and Horizons – Nis’a V’afak

Promotes the status and rights of Arab women through tradition and liberated interpretations of Islamic religious practice.


Working Group for Equality in
Personal Status Issues
(through Women Against Violence)

A coalition of organizations pursuing public education and advocacy efforts to improve the legal status of Arab women with regard to issuesof personal status (marriage and divorce).



$250 million to Israeli social change groups since 1979.