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Why is This Night Different from All Other Nights?

25 March 2010 By New Israel Fund

In the middle of the Passover seder, during the discussion of the Israelite’s great moment of redemption and liberation, the text asserts "In every generation, every person must think of themselves as though they personally left the land of Egypt."  It’s a reminder to us that liberation is not a once upon a time event and that every generation engages in its own struggles for freedom and equality.

In this edition of NIF News, we are delighted to share with you some modern-day exodus moments – the stories of three very different immigrant families in Israel, whose experiences are emblematic of the country’s ongoing effort to define itself according to its highest ideals.

You will read about a mother's quest for equal access to education for her children, the dramatic success of a program aimed at helping immigrant youth, and a court battle for the right of both members of a same-sex couple to be recognized under law as the parents of their own children. In each case, organizations supported by the New Israel Fund played a significant role in achieving an outcome whose impact extends far beyond the particular families involved.

These stories constitute a kind of modern-day hagaddah, each one detailing a part of Israel’s ongoing movement towards freedom. As you read them, we hope you will feel a sense of participating in this movement through NIF’s work to make real the idea that liberation is an unfinished task, the privilege and responsibility of each of us in every generation.

Rabbi David Rosenn
Chief Operating Officer, NIF