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07 April 2011

25 April 2011 By New Israel Fund


07 April 2011


A Few More Unsung Heroes

The winter session of the Knesset is over. As many regular readers of NIF News know, more than twenty bills that we characterize as anti-democratic are in the legislative process, and three have now passed.

What you may not know is that our action arm in Israel, SHATIL, has a small staff of dedicated advocates who work directly with the Knesset on these critically important issues. Outgunned and outspent, SHATIL’s Center for Policy Change, along with our allies at the Association for Civil Rights in Israel and others, strive heroically to forestall measures that will erode human, civil and minority rights if passed into law. We don’t win every battle and we might lose some more, but we think you need to know what’s at stake and what the current state of play is on the Knesset battleground.

Read our lead story about the end of the Knesset session, and if you really want to qualify for policy wonkhood Israeli-style, read the longer legislative report as well. You may be shocked at measures that range from conditioning Israeli citizenship on loyalty oaths to witch-hunting progressive human rights organizations, but you should certainly be aware of them. And while you may be concerned about the direction in which Israel may be heading, you should also be inspired by the coalitions of diverse interests working to protect an Israel we believe in.

Forward this issue to your friends who care about Israel. Stay informed about the battle for Israel’s democratic future. Watch your email for NIF Action Alerts that will ask you to add your voice to the struggle. And, as always, continue to help us support and amplify the voices of Israelis who believe in a just and egalitarian nation, that lives up to our ideals.


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