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3 November 2011 E-Newsletter

02 November 2011 By Ruby Ong


Violence has an Answer

For good reason, the release of Gilad Shalit and the celebration of his return home dominated the coverage of the news from Israel in October. But there are two other stories, both disturbing, both darker, that you may have missed last month, and I want to tell you about them.

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Rachel Liel: The New Civil Consciousness

The winter session of the Knesset opened this week in a new atmosphere, following the massive social justice demonstrations that began in July. Despite the movement’s momentum, and the public’s demand for progress on economic issues, a raft of anti-democratic and racist legislation is expected to be introduced in the coming weeks.

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Secular Yeshiva Opens its Doors in Jerusalem

An infectious feeling of optimism emerged as 200 Israelis - a rare mix of young secular and Orthodox Jews in an increasingly polarized society - gathered at Bet Gat in the Ein Kerem neighborhood last week for the opening of Jerusalem's Secular Yeshiva.

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Fans Unite against Racism as Knesset Considers Removing Arabs from Israel Team

MK Michael Ben-Ari of the right wing National Unity party has submitted a bill to the Knesset proposing that those representing Israel in sporting competitions be compelled to sing the national anthem.

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The story of Esther: Empowering African refugees to tell their stories

A few short months ago, Esther John could not speak about her tragic past. “Every time I opened my mouth, I would cry,” the 24-year-old refugee from Niger told NIF News.

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Naomi Chazan speaks in Toronto

NIF President Professor Naomi Chazan spent the weekend in Toronto for a series of meetings, a talk at Temple Emanuel and participation in Israel From Within: The Dream Reborn.

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