Israel's Future Social Change Leaders Inspire Young People

27 January 2009 By New Israel Fund

At a Hyde Park type event last week for all SHATIL Fellows hosted at Tel Aviv University, the dozens of students who participate in the Everett, Porter (Environment) and Social Justice Fellowships at SHATIL each presented their projects and/or organizations to one another and to Tel Aviv University students.

Initiatives fellows are working on include Cuisine with Conscience of Bema'aglei Tzedek (Circles of Justice), a project that gives an equivalent to the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval to businesses that meet social criteria; a new web based social network for people interested in environmental change in Israel called Green Israel, and more.

"To see the Fellows, who have reached a place of deep understanding and commitment and are able to present their work in such an authentic and effective way after such a short time in their fellowships, shows us that young future social change leaders are here and it's our obligation to keep nurturing them," said Vered Nuriel-Porat, coordinator of the Everett fellowship program at SHATIL. A short film with English subtitles will be available on the SHATIL website soon.