Yifat Bitton

08 April 2014 By New Israel Fund

NIF Board Member
Ramat Hasharon, Israel

[image - Yifat Bitton]

Yifat Bitton is a leading socio-legal all-volunteering activist and a law professor at the School of Management in Israel. She is the co-founder of several civil society organizations and the current chair of Tmura Center – The Israeli Antidiscrimination Center, where new ways to fight against discrimination through private law mechanisms are employed. Her activism combines both academic scholarship and legal advocacy to better the status of disempowered communities in Israel, focusing mainly on the forgotten Mizrahi minority community and on women. Yifat is a grant committee member since 2005, currently chairing the sub-committee of social-justice. She is a board member since 2008. A post-doc researcher at Harvard law school and a Yale Law School graduate, Yifat is mainly the proud mother of two.