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NIF Statement on Flotilla

01 June 2010 By New Israel Fund

We at NIF are shocked and dismayed by the tragic consequences of the raid on the flotilla this past Monday.

As always, we do not take a position on military operations, but we are especially sensitive to the humanitarian and human rights issues that must attend any discussion of Gaza.  We ask the Israeli government to initiate a national commission of inquiry into the events of the Gaza flotilla, and into the decisions that led to the tragic deaths and injuries to civilian activists and IDF soldiers.

We also call upon the Israeli leadership to create a clear and comprehensive policy which will prevent such outcomes in the future.

We regret that this unfortunate incident has already become another battle in an ongoing war of perception about Israel.  NIF continues to believe that the question should never be, "is Israel completely right or completely wrong".  Rather, moments such as this one should catalyze our efforts for an  Israel that is democratic and pluralistic at home, and at peace with its neighbors.

As always, we thank you for your support for NIF and for Israel in these difficult, troubling times.