Elyasaf Assulin, Economic and Social Policy Shapers Training Course

21 September 2012 By Ruby Ong

As the youngest Fellow in Shatil’s Economic and Social Policy Shapers Training Course, Elyasaf Assulin enjoys the “rare opportunity to learn and work with really good people in the public sector, who want to simultaneously work for social change and to influence government decisions.” Elyasaf is a budget coordinator in the Ministry of Absorption, and for his course practicum, he is building a data base of all government budget allocations for Ethiopian Jews. The project is bringing him face-to-face with government inefficiency and driving home the need for change.

The eighteen Fellows are divided between public-sector officials and students of economics and public policy. According to Elyasaf, interaction with the Fellows has strengthened his principles and clarified how he wants to live his life. The Fellows have become a close-knit group, consulting with one another on matters unrelated to the course and getting together socially. A native of Kiryat Gat, Elyasaf holds a B.A. in philosophy, economics and political science from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and is now studying for his Master’s in Public Policy. “Shatil is a catalyst. So many organizations owe their existence to Shatil,” he says. “I would like to see many more bodies like Shatil working for social change and co-existence.”