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NIF is a unique partnership of North Americans, Israelis, Europeans, and Australians. Our Board of Directors (below), International Council members, Regional Councils and dedicated staff are committed to promoting equality and democracy in Israel.





[image - Brian Lurie]
Brian Lurie
Ross, California
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image - Itzik Danziger
Itzik Danziger
Vice President in Israel
Ra'anana, Israel
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Mary Ann Stein
Vice President in North America
Bethesda, Maryland
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Stephen Gunther
Santa Monica, California
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Deborah Bussel
Miami, Florida
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[image - Amal ElSana Alhjooj]
Amal ElSana Alhjooj
Beersheva, Israel
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[image - Elah Alkalay]
Elah Alkalay
Kfar Mordechay, Israel
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[image - Naomi Chazan]
Naomi Chazan
Jerusalem, Israel
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[image - Peter Edelman]
Peter Edelman
Washington, D.C.
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[NIF Say Yes People placeholder image]
Paul Egerman
Weston, MA
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[image - Franklin M. Fisher]
Franklin M. Fisher
Cambridge, MA
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[image - Joan Garson]
Joan Garson
Toronto, Canada
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[image - William (Bill) Goldman]
William (Bill) Goldman
San Francisco, CA
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[image - Daniel Levy]
Daniel Levy
United Kingdom
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[image - David N. Myers]
David N. Myers
Los Angeles, CA
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[image - Debra Pell]
Debra Pell
Ross, CA
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[image - Talia Sasson]
Talia Sasson
Beit Zayit, Israel
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[NIF Say Yes People placeholder image - Carole Segal]
Carole Segal
Chicago, IL
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[NIF Say Yes People placeholder image - Peter Shapiro]
Peter Shapiro
South Orange, NJ
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[image - Daniel Sokatch]
Daniel Sokatch
San Francisco, CA
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[NIF Say Yes People placeholder image - Jeffrey Solomon]
Jeffrey Solomon
New York, NY
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[image - Yael Sternhell]
Yael Sternhell
Tel Aviv, Israel
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[image - Carole Zabar]
Carole Zabar
New York, NY
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$250 million to Israeli social change groups since 1979.