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Cinema-Bus Brings Social Change Message to Periphery

24 May 2012


A mobile cinema in a bus has spent the past week touring Israel's peripheral regions to screen movies to Jewish and Arab audiences. The NIF-funded bus launched the flagship project of the Tel Aviv International Students Film Festival, which will take place from June 2-9.

The event, which is one of the world's most important students' film festivals, will attract thousands of students and visitors. NIF decided to support the festival this year because the main theme of the festival is social justice, as a natural follow-up to last summer's mass protests.

The cinema bus, staffed by students, attracted enthusiastic audiences in places as diverse as Dimona in the Negev, Umm El Fahm (an Arab city in the Triangle), Kibbutz Degania and more. The movies screened dealt with issues such as human rights, treatment of minorities and social equality.

NIF is supporting two other projects at next month's festival: The NIF prize for the best social change movie and five events in Tel Aviv during which several of the best local and international movies dealing with social issues will be screened. The movies will be followed by panel discussions on the topics raised.


$250 million to Israeli social change groups since 1979.